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What are the benefits of Heat Pumps relative to other forms of heating?
Heat pumps are both economical and environmentally friendly. Given a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 5 they produce up to 5 times more heat than traditional heating methods. In addition they can be used every season for both your heating and cooling needs.

Heat pumps are safe for children and the elderly because they produce low density heat as opposed to fireplaces or electric heaters.

They do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and as such are friendly to the environment. Also they use ozone friendly refrigerants.

Finally they are easy to install and easy to use.

What do I gain if I install a heat pump?

For a space around 100m2, you will save around 1800-2000€ annually as dependent on the country of operation.

Will it heat my home?

Of course, and it is for this precise reason that a technical study is undertaken. Please note, that the maximum water outlet temperature achieved is 80⁰C, which is something that makes our Heat Pumps unique in the market.

I use the heat pump to heat my water
Yes! It has a 3-way valve to connect your solar heater or boiler so that you have hot water all year round.

size Heat Pump do I need?

Each home space or work place is unique, which means that each project has unique system requirements and design. It is essential that a detailed study is performed including an accurate estimation of the heat that you need during the winter months, and the heat that you need to be expelled from your home during the warmer months.

This can be undertaken by AQUATHERMAL’s qualified installers.

What is considered when determining the size of Heat Pump suitable for me?

The amount of heating required is influenced by the potential for heat loss through doors, windows and roofs. Of course, efficient insulation minimizes this loss and hence, requires a smaller heat pump. The size of the area is also important as is the position of the windows (southward facing or northward facing). If the windows are facing the sun then less heating is required and vice versa.

Will my Heat Pump take up a lot of room and is it ugly?

Heat pumps are installed in a discreet location so that they are non-intrusive on your living or working space. They have exceptionally low noise levels for the same reason.

Will the installation change or impact the existing structure of my building or my existing heating systems?

Installations are easy to perform and have absolutely no impact on the existing structure of your building. They can also be installed easily into your existing heating system without impacting or changing it.

What types of Heat Pump Systems are there?

Heat pump systems include:

Monoblock systems Split systems

Heat pumps are divided into sub-categories as dependent on the source from which they pump heat and where they distribute the heat. The most common heat pump types are:

 -air-to-water: they pump heat from the atmosphere and heat up water which is then distributed to heating system bodies.

 -air-to-air: they pump heat from the atmosphere and produce heat or cold air, as per an air conditions function

There are heat pumps available that simply provide heating solutions and others that provide heating and cooling function. Other heat pumps types are able to pump heat from the ground – geothermic- or from underground waters.

Do I require single-phase or triple-phase electricity?

AQUATHERMAL’s heat pumps are compatible with both types.

How quiet are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps have a very low noise output.

Are Heat Pumps reliable?

Yes.  The technology is tried and tested. Heat pumps use the same process as a home fridge or freezer and hence enjoy the same level of reliability. The top brands come with 3-5 Year manufacturers’ warranty.

Is a written performance guarantee provided?

There is a 3 year written performance guarantee provided.

How much will it cost to buy and install a Heat Pump?

Contact us for a free quote as each heat pump system recommendation is tailored to the needs of the customer.

Do Heat Pumps cause stuffiness?

No because they do not burn oxygen and they are powered by the air.

How long will the Heat Pump On-site Survey take?

About half an hour as dependent on the size of your area. In a few days you will have AQUATHERMAL’s quotation according to your design needs and budget.